A surprise gift that blooms – what’s better than that?!

A surprise gift that blooms – what’s better than that?!

Tulip Surprise Box

A springtime surprise, delivered to your door!


Send a floral surprise to someone you love!

Our surprise boxes feature freshly picked flowers grown right here in New Jersey. Each box contains a beautiful bunch in either one or two mystery colors. They make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or milestone with our surprise boxes. You can even include a personalized gift message to make super special.  So what are you waiting for? Brighten someone’s day with our fresh-cut flowers!

FREE delivery with every order!

Tulip Surprise Box!

Fresh-cut tulips are our bread and butter. We select only the highest quality and most colorful varieties. You’ll get 20 stems in two mystery colors.


Lily Surprise Box!

Known for their fragrant perfume, our fresh-cut lilies make the perfect addition to your home. You’ll get 25-30 blooms in one or two mystery colors.


All of our surprise boxes are shipped the same day that they are packed. This means they arrive at your doorstep fresh and ready to bloom. We  ship via FedEx, and provide tracking information so you can keep an eye on your order.

What color will you get?

We pick the freshest flowers available each day. Colors vary depending on what is ready for picking. The fun part is opening it up to see what you get. Plus, you get to see your flowers bloom before you very eyes!


Surprise Box FAQs

How many stems come in a box?

Lilies: you will get 25-30 blooms in either receive white, light pink, dark pink or a combination of two.
Tulips: you will get 20 stems in two colors.

When do you ship out orders?
We currently ship on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Delivery takes up to 2 days.

Can I pick a delivery date?
No. At this time we are not offering custom delivery dates. Once your order ships you will receive tracking information via email.

Can I add a custom gift message to my surprise box order?
Yes! Once you add the product to cart you’ll see the add a gift message box. Simply type the message you want and continue with checkout!

How do you pick and pack the flowers?
We pick our flowers fresh each day while they are in bud form. We then bunch them and sleeve them. The bunch is then secured inside our custom shipping box.

Can I pick up my order in person to save on shipping?
No. Our surprise boxes are only available for delivery.

What happens if the surprise box says sold out?
If our surprise box says sold out that means we’ve sold all the bunches that we had picked that week. This doesn’t mean it’s gone for good! We add more inventory to the store every Thursday at 9am!

How do I care for my flowers?
Cut the stems about an inch from the bottom. Fill a tall vase with cold tap water. Place the flowers in the vase. Recut the stems and add fresh water every few days.

For lilies: as the buds open, you may want to remove the pollen because it could stain the petals or your clothes. If pollen stains occur on blooms, remove with a chenille (fuzzy) pipe cleaner. If pollen stains occur on clothing or material, remove with sticky tape (DO NOT APPLY WATER).

Do you ship boxes internationally?
No. We currently ship to all of the United States.

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