BUY TICKETS NOW for U-Pick Sunflowers! Online tickets ONLY. No tickets sold at the farm.

U-Pick Sunflowers opens Sept 24th – buy your tickets NOW!

U-Pick Sunflowers opens Sept 24th – buy your tickets NOW!

Immerse yourself in sensational sunflowers

Get ready to enjoy a floral experience unlike any other!


Don't fly to Holland, drive to Holland!

Holland Ridge Farms is a pristine flower farm, bursting with millions of rainbow blooms including our famous tulips. The good news is, you don’t have to travel to the Netherlands to experience it – we’re right here in Cream Ridge, NJ! We currently host two pick your own flower seasons – u-pick tulips in the spring and u-pick sunflowers in the fall. Read on to see why we are one of the top spots to visit on the East Coast.

Our family roots run deep

When you first step foot onto Holland Ridge Farms, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff and sea of colorful flowers. The farm is a true labor of family love and a lifelong dream fulfilled by our owner, Casey Jansen Sr.  Learn more about our story and how we continue to bring the joy of flowers to the public year after year!

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Millions of tulips at your fingertips

Visit the tulip fields of Holland every spring, right here in NJ!

U-Pick Tulips

An endless sea of sunflowers

Come pick from 8 varieties of sunflowers and lots of other mixed flowers!

U-Pick Sunflowers

Locally-grown and fresh-cut flowers, delivered to your door!

Premium Tulip Bulbs

Brighten your home with our newest collection of tulip bulbs.


Ornate Oriental Lilies

Known for their fragrant perfume, our fresh-cut lilies make the perfect addition to your home.


Vibrant Long-lasting Tulips

Fresh-cut tulips are our bread and butter. We select only the highest quality and most colorful varieties.

Available in the Spring and Fall

Big Beautiful Peonies

With large colorful blooms and a sweet scent, our fresh-cut peonies are guaranteed to brighten any table.

Available in June

Lost and found!

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Fresh From the Farm

Make the most of your visit to NJ!

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