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Holland Ridge Farms is a fast growing family business in the agritourism industry. We offer a fun, flexible and rewarding work environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. Plus, there is plenty of room to grow here – excuse the pun! Simply, complete the form below to apply.

Members of the Parking Crew are responsible for all aspects of parking for both general and handicap lots.  Handicap parking is designated only for those guests who have a handicap placard or license plate.  All other vehicles will be parked in general parking.

There are several different positions within Parking Crew, which are often rotated throughout the course of a given day.  Some people will be positioned on the road to usher vehicles into the parking lot while others will be positioned at various points inside the lot to park our guests as quickly and safely as possible.

Members of Parking Crew are issued a radio at the beginning of each scheduled shift to directly communicate with other members of the team, as well as a coordinating leader.

It is the responsibility of the Parking Crew to, quickly and efficiently, move the flow of traffic, whether it be coming into, or going out of the parking lots.

This is a highly demanding and physically strenuous job.

Ticket Scanners are placed at one of two entrances.  iPhones are used to scan guest tickets.  A guest’s ticket is scanned via QR code.  Each