September 16, 2021

U-Pick Sunflowers 2021: Our Checklist of Must Do Activities!

With just one week to go until u-pick sunflowers, things are moving quickly at the farm. We’re working on getting the grounds pristine and adding the finishing touches- it looks so beautiful!  Since there is a lot to do and see, we thought we would make a checklist of must-see activities while you’re here. Make sure you get the most out of your ticket by checking off the list below! We can’t wait to see you at the farm!  

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  • Pick Your Own Flowers for $1 Per Stem 

With millions of sunflowers to choose from, it will be hard to pick just one! We’ve added new varieties of sunflowers this year that we’re really excited about. Did you know sunflowers can be more colors than just yellow? We’ll have red, white, bicolor and other special kinds we think you’ll really enjoy.   With the exception of our mums, every flower in the field is available to pick. For just $1 per stem, you can make beautiful bouquets for yourself or to gift to friends and family.  

  • Hop on the Free Hayride 

If you want to see the entirety of our flower farm but don’t feel like walking the distance, our hayride is the perfect option. Included in the price of your ticket, you can sit back, relax and quite literally enjoy the view. You can choose to take the entire ride around the farm or hop off in the middle of the fields to do your picking.  

  • Snap Some Selfies 

At 153 acres, there are plenty of unique spots on the farm where you can snap some selfies and take some unbelievable photos. Whether you want to immerse yourselves and your family in the flower fields, or have one of our barns as a backdrop, the landscape makes for some truly beautiful photos. We also have some new photo props we created that you will see scattered around the farm. We’re not going to tell you what they are just yet… you’ll have to come see to find out! 

  • Meet our Farm Animals 

All of our farm animals are rescues that live on the property year-round. This year we are very excited for you to meet two new additions that we’ve added to the crew. Penny and Poppy are our new pigs that you’ll get to see when you come out to the farm.  You’ll probably hear them oinking before you see them! As always, our other animals will be there including goats, sheep, mules, mini horses, alpacas, our beloved cow Moonshine and more.  

  • Purchase a Farm Favor 

Last tulip season we unveiled our new gift shop that showcased souvenirs and merchandise. For sunflowers we have created more Holland Ridge Farms merchandise that is specific to us and our sunflowers. You’ll be able to shop our hoodies and t-shirts with new designs, mugs, pens, keychains and more. Make sure to stop by and take a little piece of Holland home with you! 

  • Grab a Bite to Eat 

For every u-pick season we try to add even more food trucks than we had in the years past. We’ve joked this summer that with so many options it’s almost like our own mini food truck festival amongst the sunflowers! We have a lot of our popular vendors returning and a few new faces we’re excited for you try. For a full list of food trucks click here to view the calendar.  

  • Treat Yourself to Something Sweet 

A staple of Holland Ridge Farms since we’ve opened has been our Bakery Barn run by New Country Bakery. Every year they add more delicious treats that our staff and customers get to enjoy. We’ve even had people tell us they come back just for more sweet treats and flowers. So, while you’re here, make sure to grab something and give them a try!  

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