September 14, 2021

No Green Thumb Needed! How To Plant Tulip Bulbs With Ease

There’s nothing quite like a flower bed filled with rainbow tulips. They are so easy to plant and require little to no care as they go from bud to bloom. We recently sat down with our tulip bulb growers to ask them the best ways to achieve big beautiful blooms in the spring.

3 simple steps

Planting tulips is a blast for beginners and enjoyable for experts. It only takes 3 simple steps to be the king of spring: 

  1. Dig a trench in the soil around 6 inches deep. 
  2. Place the bulbs a few inches apart from each other with the point facing upwards. 
  3. Generously water the bulbs then cover with soil. 

Now just let the tulips do their thing until spring and you’ll have big beautiful blooms! 

Top tip! Try out different patterns of planting, like a zig zag, or a curve to stand out.  

*If you need to store them before planting, simply remove them from the plastic sleeve and place them right in the shipping box. Keep them in a cool dark place until you are ready to plant.

You can also plant in pots

  • Use a pot at least 6 inches deep with drainage holes in the bottom and a saucer to catch water. 
  • Fill the pot about 1/3 with new potting soil. Place the bulbs with the point facing upwards (about six tulip bulbs will fit into a 6-inch pot). Add potting soil around the bulbs, keeping them upright. 
  • Water the bulbs immediately upon planting and when the soil surface feels dry.  
  • Cold treat your bulbs by placing the pot in a plastic bag with some holes for air, and leave it in an unheated attic/basement or even a refrigerator to simulate winter.  
  • After 12 weeks of cold treatment, place them by a sunny, cool window. The change in temperature will signal the bulbs to produce flower stalks. 

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