September 8, 2020

Say Cheese! Sunflower Photography Tips

Say Cheese! U-Pick Sunflower Photography Tips

Just in case you didn’t know, surrounding yourself by millions of sunflowers is one of the most incredible photography backdrops! If you’re looking to boost your Instagram flow, take maternity or engagement pics or just show off your modeling skills, Holland Ridge Farms is the perfect place for you. Since we opened our gates in 2018, our social feeds have been flooded with thousands of pictures from visitors and professional photographers alike. Below we’ve highlighted some photography tips (and in particular a pro photographer that we think captures the beauty that is Holland Ridge Farms!) that can truly enhance your images and really make you stand out from the crowd. Try them out when you visit us during sunflower season.

Take advantage of the natural beauty

Is there anything better than seeing millions of flowersparkling in the sunlight? Holland Ridge Farms can really be a photographer’s dream come true. Our natural backdrop is made for glorious floral photography but don’t take our word for it, let the sunflowers do the talking! If you immerse the subject you’re capturing within the rows of flowersyou create an illusion of an endless fieldSunfloweras far as the eye can see! If you come on a day when the sun is shining, the sunflowers are extra vibrant and you can utilize the natural shadows to further enhance the flowers beauty. Once you do this, it will be hard to convince someone that something this beautiful isn’t in Holland, but right here in New Jersey!  

Run wild amongst the flowers

If you’re like us, something about a field filled with flowers just makes you just want to run through them! That remains true for people of all ages but especially if you’re a child. Since a lot of photographers come to our farm to photograph young families, we’ve noticed a trend in a lot of the pictures we are tagged in. It’s natural for kids to move around, so try capturing them doing what they do best! Photographing children and their movements can create a more realistic and natural snapshot. When you’re able to feel their excitement and happiness through a photo, you know you’ve captured a special moment. Afterall, there is nothing we love more than seeing smiling kids enjoying our flower farm. 

Creative composition and cropping

When we look through our tagged photosthere are certain images that catch our eyes for their unique angles and croppingThese are the ones where we stop and say “Wow!” or “How cute is that?!” and thrust our phones into our colleagues faces. By using the natural lines of the field such as the rows and rows of flower beds it can make a big impact on your photos. Shots taken from a slightly different perspective tend to stand out. Try shooting from above, below or closeup and see the difference. You can also do some creative cropping afterwards making sure your pics are good enough to go from field to frame. 

Farm photographers we love!

Every year we get so excited when our Instagram and Facebook account becomes flooded with beautiful snapshots! We continue to be blown away by how talented both professional and amateur photographers can capture the beauty that’s Holland Ridge Farms. At this year’s u-pick, don’t forget to showcase your talent and come put your photography skills to the test. Remember to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #hollandridgefarms and #hrfsunflowers so we can see!

Psst! Did you know you can have the entire farm to yourself this u-pick sunflower season?!

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