June 18, 2020

New and improved customer service

New and improved customer service!

Here at Holland Ridge Farms we are always striving to improve our products and processes. One of the biggest challenges for our small team is customer service. This became even more apparent as we launched our tulip pickup and deliver program this Spring. During those 4 weeks we received thousands of comments, messages, emails and phone calls. As we mentioned in a previous blog post we tried our very best to respond in a timely manner. Even with extra help we sometimes had to work into the night to stay on top of things.

Reflecting on our process we realized that we needed to evolve in order to meet the expectations our customers deserve.

We did a lot of research into customer service options, sought advice from professionals and looked at other similar small businesses to see how they go about handling it. We’re so pleased to say that we recently switched to a whole new platform that will not only make our team more efficient at responding to questions and coming up with solutions it also gives our customers the opportunity to help themselves. This will free up our time to focus on our flowers and events and your time looking for answers.

You will see on the bottom right hand corner of our website a little green button that says help. If you click that you are able to search for answers from a comprehensive database that we have put together over the past few weeks. For a full list of questions and answers, visit our new support page at support.hollandridgedarms.com. As we continue to grow the business and launch new projects this resource will be invaluable for both you our customers and us!

If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for simply click contact us to submit a help ticket. This new ticket system allows us to better organize and monitor issues from one place. If you’ve placed an order with us you can still continue to respond to order emails as it pulls in from those. We can also view social media messages from this platform too which is a big time saver.

We would like to thank everyone for your patience as we continue to make things better. We appreciate each and everyone of you.