March 12, 2020

Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival: Activities for All Ages

Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival: Activities for All Ages

Family at the Tulip Festival

As a family run flower farm, it’s no surprise that we’re always thinking of ways to make our annual Tulip Festival family friendlyWhen we hear the words “family fun” we think of a place where the youngest, the oldest and everyone in between can get together and truly enjoy spending quality time. Since its inception, Holland Ridge Farms has taken steps to ensure that every age group can find something to enjoy. Whether that be picking fresh tulips for your kitchen table, or finding the perfect spot to pose for Instagram, our Tulip Festival truly caters to all. Below we’ve outlined just a few of the activities and reasons why visitors can enjoy the farm at any age. 

Little PeopleBig Farm! 

At each tulip festival, we love seeing our visitor’s eyes light up when they see the millions of planted tulips for the very first time. We especially love when the littlest members of a family get to process the rows and rows of beautiful, vibrant colors. We find that it really captivates them!  The farm itself is a massive 153 acres- that leaves plenty of room for them to run around and play. Though this is all great, we find that the tiniest visitors really love our farm animals. They get the chance to see sheep, goats, cows, mules and more up close and personal. On the weekends we also offer pony rides and face painting. I mean, who wouldn’t love that! 

Teenagers and Young Adults 

Instead of encouraging teenagers and young adults to put their phones down, we do the opposite! We love walking around the farm and seeing visitors posing for pictures around the flower fields. Afterall, Holland Ridge Farms is an Instagram paradise (just remember to tag us 😉 )! We provide plenty of unique photo ops, and the millions of tulips acts as a vibrant and truly unique back drop. If you’re not into making your Instagram flow, the farm offers many other activities for teens and young adults to enjoy. This includes picking and making your own tulip bouquet, catching a ride on our tractor pulled hayride, watching a short film in our theatre and much more! 

Who Says Adults Can’t Have Fun? 

At Holland Ridge Farms, even the adults can have some fun! Our tulip festival is a unique way to spend a spring day and experience something new. Whether you want to come and explore, or hang out and relax, we offer the best of both worlds. As you stroll through the millions of tulips, you can sit at one of our picnic tables and soak in the view. We also always make sure to have a variety of food trucks onsite, so you always have options for lunch! Inbetween picking the most perfect stems, you can also visit our gallery, check out our gift shop, catch a ride on a horse drawn carriage and more! Our festival is also photography friendly, so feel free to snap as many pictures as you like! 

Visitors in Their Golden Years  

In order to ensure that visitors of all ages can enjoy our farm, we try to accommodate those who may need some extra help getting around. In order to do so, we provide extra assistance when parking. We have a dedicated drop off point at the main entrance, and we also offer transport to and from the parking area. Simply tell an employee and someone will try to get you the help you need.  

Once you enter the farm, your possibilities for activities are endless! If you don’t want to do a ton of walking, but still want to see the farm, hop on our hayride! You can also check out the museum where you can find unique artifacts from Dutch tulip growers that date back for centuries.Once you’re done, head over to our Holland Shop where you can browse a wide variety of souvenirs that come directly from our homeland. That way, you won’t forget to take a piece of Holland with you! 

We’ve been working hard to ensure that our 2020 Tulip Festival is the best one yet! Please keep in mind, the dates for the festival have not yet been announced since it’s weather dependent. Once we know we will be announcing on our social pages, website and through email.  

If you have any questions regarding our tulip festival, feel free to contact us! 

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