December 2, 2019

Fresh cut tulips, all year round!

Fresh cut tulips, all year round!

We all know tulips as being a symbol of Spring. After the bulbs are planted in the Fall they hibernate over the winter – like most of us! Then, when the weather starts to warm up again they spring back to life with their bright green foliage and colorful petals. This is what we bank on every year for our annual Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival as millions of tulips burst into bloom at the farm.

Now even know we are known for our impressive tulip festivals in the Spring, we actually grow fresh cut tulips all year round. Our wholesale growing business which was founded by Casey Sr in the 1960’s is still going strong today. Every year we grow millions of beautiful tulips in local temperature-controlled greenhouses.

These get supplied to supermarkets up and down the East Coast – our Fall varieties are in stores right now!

We’re also excited to announce we’ll be attending the Harborside Farmer’s Market in Jersey City, every Wednesday from 2pm – 6pm starting December 4th. Each week we will pick and pack the freshest tulips and drive them up North to sell at our very own market stand. If you live in the local area this waterfront-district is definitely a must see, with its boutique retail stores, independent dining, art installations, live music, and unrivaled views of NYC. See you there!