March 23, 2021

Know Before You Go: U-Pick Tulips 2021 

We’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments asking if we will be open this year- the official answer is YES! Though last year you weren’t able to leave your cars, we’re so happy that you’ll receive a completely different experience this year. The tulip fields will be ready and waiting for you to wander, take pictures and make your own bunches. We haven’t been this excited for a flower season in so long! Seeing everyone out amongst the tulips will be the kind of “normalcy” we’ve been day dreaming of for over a year now.  

Since it’s been a while that we’ve been open for tulips, we wanted to outline a few things to know before you go. 

Online tickets ONLY

Even though we’re opening the farm for walking through, we still need to follow all COVID policies and procedures that have been put into place by the CDC. Due to this, we making it online tickets ONLY so we are able to monitor visitor numbers. If you come to the farm without a ticket for that day, you will be turned away. Here’s the top things to note about tickets:

  • Once we have an opening date, we will put tickets on sale on our store
  • You will be able to choose the day you wish to attend on a calendar and select the ticket type.
  • All visitors require a ticket to enter, whether you are 0 or 100!
  • This year we have simplified the ticket pricing so that it’s the same no matter when you visit. For a list of ticket prices please visit our u-pick tulips page.
  • Tickets are non-refundable-so make sure you’re able to attend on the day you choose! 

COVID-19 health & safety protocols  

During our 2021 u-pick tulip season, the safety of our guests and staff will be at the forefront of our minds. We’re going to take all necessary precautions to ensure everyone is following the guidelines and rules. This means wiping down all high contact areas, providing hand sanitizers in various locations throughout the farm, and frequently cleaning and sanitizing employee work areas. When we were open for sunflowers this past fall, we got a lot of questions about masks since we are an outside venue. We do require all staff to wear masks at all times. Guests above the age of two must wear masks while entering the farm, in any farm buildings and if they cannot maintain 6ft distance from others while outside.

For a full list of all health a safety protocols we will be following, please click here.  

…More tulips than EVER before! 

For our comeback tulip season, we decided to go big or go home! We’ve planted more tulip bulbs than ever before. We really think you’ll be blown away when you come to witness what MILLIONS of rainbow blooms looks like spread across so many acres. It will really have you thinking you’re in Holland and not New Jersey. Our events are u-pick flowers so we encourage you to pick as many you’d like. For just $1 per stem, you can create some really amazing bouquets to gift to yourselves or drop off to a loved one. Trust us when we say, it will be impossible to pick just one!  

Out of this world photography!

Our floral backdrop is truly something you need to see to believe. Since our opening, we’ve become a hotspot photography destination for guests, amateur and professional photographers. Whether they’re looking to take stunning maternity shots, engagement pictures or boost your Instagram likes, it’s hard not to take your camera out when you’re there. If you’d like to bring a professional photographer, feel free! Everyone in your party would just have to pay the price of admission. Once you’re in the farm, you can shoot wherever you’d like. You can bring props as well, if you have anything extravagant, we suggest reaching out to us first just to okay it.  

For a list of more frequently asked questions, please visit our support portal by clicking here. To be the first customers to learn when tickets go on sale, please make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook @hollandridgefarms. We can’t wait to see you there!