February 28, 2021

Fresh From the Farm: February 2021 Recap

Welkom Vrienden! 

(welcome friends) 

With less than two months away from our annual u-pick tulips, things are busy here at Holland Ridge Farms. We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that our come-back tulip season is better than ever before. Take a look below to see how we’ve been putting the petal to the metal this February!  

Launched our Tulip Surprise Box   

In case you missed it, we announced some exciting news last week. After much anticipation, we were finally able to launch our tulip surprise boxes! We introduced them last year when we were closed due to the pandemic and were repeatedly asked by you to bring them back again this year. When we put them on sale last Thursday, we were blown away by the response. In less than 24 hours we were completely sold out of the stems we had available that week. In order to keep track of quantities moving forward, we will be restocking our inventory consistently every Thursday at 9am. So, if you missed it this time, there are still plenty of chances to order! We’re hoping to have them available all the way up until Mother’s Day. To purchase a tulip surprise box, just click the link below.  

Monitored the Tulip Fields  

After a month of what seemed like a snowstorm every week, it’s been challenging for us not to be able to see the progress of our tulips out in the field. After some rain this weekend, we were able to sneak down there to check on them! From the looks of it, we’re right on track. With the weather getting warmer now, we see little sprouts starting to break through the soil. Now that we can take some pictures, we hope to update you along the way. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @hollandridgefarms for the most up-to-date information. Every year we get asked when does your tulip season start? Truth be told, it’s up to Mother Nature but has always been sometime in April.  Once we have an opening date for u-pick tulips, we will be sure to let you know! 

Wrapped our Delivery Trucks!  

For quite a while now we’ve had a fleet of delivery trucks that help us deliver fresh-cut flowers to distributors and supermarkets up and down the East Coast. We’ve been brainstorming a way to promote our u-pick flowers and thought why not give our trucks an upgrade! We worked with our local printing company Dot Design in order to wrap our delivery trucks. As you can see in the picture above, they turned out awesome! So, if you’re on the East Coast, be on the lookout and give us a beep! You may just be driving next to a Holland Ridge Farms truck.  


Kept up with U-Pick Tulip Preparations  

Every tulip season is a waiting game until (boom!), we quite literally spring into action. Now that we can see and feel the weather starting to change, it’s a sign to us that we need to get a move on. We’ve been planning for months and now it’s time for our plans to be executed. We have some new and exciting things to introduce and we can’t wait to tell you what they are. We hope to do another post within the next couple of weeks detailing what’s new for our 2021 u-pick tulip season. We think you will all love it!  

Every year we get asked when does your tulip season start? Truth be told, it’s up to Mother Nature but has always been sometime in April.  Once we have an opening date for u-pick tulips, we will be sure to let you know!